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Product Market Fit

We work to find the marketing, public relations and branding mix that is perfect for you – we will even play RPS with a dog!

Product-Market Fit are the three sexiest words in the English language.

Some people think Product-Market Fit is magical, it just happens. We know better. It is work, it is diving into the why and finding and interviewing your users. It takes curiosity, innovation and the removal of ego – it takes great communication, feedback loops and experiments – it takes persistence and it takes a team.

We are not your average Communications Shop. Communication is just the beginning. We have a unique team that does it all. At last count, we have 2 MBAs, 3 Masters Degrees, a former boxer, authors, a gamer, an Urban Planner and a systems expert – and that is just the start. We speak a few languages, we sit on boards we love STEM and though we have clients all over the US our heart belongs in KC.

Our clients range from startups working on user identification to international companies launching a new digital brand.  All of our clients have a few things in common. Our clients are curious, they appreciate a systems approach to communications, they value efficiency, innovation and a great story.

The Team

Sarah Shipley

Sarah is the CEO of Shipley Communications. Sarah is an award-winning consultant with a love for all things civic. In 2008, she left K Street for KC and has not looked back. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and public relations, she finds product market fits for a number of high-profile clients and leads marketing strategy and public outreach efforts on many education and infrastructure projects. A lifelong learner, she has earned degrees from Bradley University (BS), the University of Oklahoma (MA), and a MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. In 2017 she was named a 2017 Top Connector in KC by the Kauffman Foundation and is Chairwoman of the Kansas City Startup Foundation. She recently received the Kansas City Ambassador Award from Washington University in St. Louis. From designing charrettes to creating crisis communications strategies, her high-functioning nimble teams create meaningful and measurable public engagement strategies.

Garima Bhandari

Garima left the world of finance and is fully immersed in communications and PR. She works closely with Shipley Communications on marketing research, data management, communications systems and recently won a Philly Award for their efforts. With an M.B.A. from Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi, India and a Masters of Marketing and Communication from the University of South Carolina, U.S.A. Garmia is comfortable writing technical briefs, creating communications systems for efficient workflow, writing press releases and social media.

Irvin Gray

Irvin Gray is our business consultant. He loves strategy. Irvin is a government contracts attorney with significant leadership experience in the U.S. Navy, U.S. State Department, and a U.S. President’s commission on weapons of mass destruction. Self-funded JD at the #1 government contracts law school. Self-funded MBA at #2 Executive MBA program. Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) Finalist in 2009. Certified Federal Contracts Manager since 2011. He is an expert with CBCA, GAO, Court of Federal Claims, Bid Protests, Construction Lawyer, ASBCA, Request for Equitable Adjustment, Public Contracts, Public Procurement, Government Contracts, JD/MBA.

Andrea Clark

Andrea Clark is a Community Engagement Consultant. Andrea has a knack for community engagement. With a masters American Studies, Urban Planning and Sociology she can create environments where diverse opinions are championed. She has worked with Shipley Communications on gamifying the community engagement process and engaging youth voices in infrastructure charrettes.

Our Work…

We work on great projects.

We were once called a renaissance company because of our project breadth.  We prefer fearless, efficient and dedicated to our clients.

We work on ideation, market strategy, communications, public relations, fundraising, efficiency plans, presentations, speechwriting, policy briefs, white papers and have written a book or two. We have created award-winning events that are fundraisers for all ages and we have fun.

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